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The Road to Quail, Journaling an Original NineT's transformation

Quail the Motorcycle Gathering is back after being postponed for the last few years. -This show holds a special place as motorcycles are where my father and I really bond, so I made it my end goal during a 2015 cross country ride moving from Atlanta to Carmel, CA

Seeing the quality of the bikes, the over the top Revival Fuse Ducati, and the Triple Aught level execution of ARCH Motorcycles, recharged my passion for motorcycles all over again and my NineT is, by far my favorite platform.

Over the last 8 years, we’ve spent 50k+ Miles together traveling through some of the most remote areas of the lower 48.

Tire Sky Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire

I left Quail feeling compelled to build something myself that would (at least on a surface level), be at home on the lawn of the show. So, let the journey begin…

This might seem simple enough, but bikes don’t get to the main lawn simply ordering parts from the catalog.

However, it’s at least a start.

Current state of the bike:
Tire Wheel Land vehicle Fuel tank Vehicle

New jewelry to start off with:
Automotive tire Shipping box Bumper Automotive design Automotive exterior


-BMW Machined Cylinder Heads
-BMW Machined Highlight Bracket
-CNC Breast Plate
-OSHMO 2.0 Filtered Velocity stacks (Sill Incoming, no-one accuses Osh of being fast 😂🙈)
-Full remap - Leaning toward BrenTuning or OSHMO
-IRC Quick Shifter


-PVM Forged Wheels
-Brembo Fully Floating Disks
-Full Sintered Pads (front and back)
-Brembo RCS 19 Master Cylinder

-Brembo RCS Clutch Master
-DOT4 Master Slave Conversion
-Spiegler Black Clutch Line
-MotoCorse Reservoirs
-OSHMO Clip-on Triple Tree with integrated Motogadget Pro
-Lithium Battery
-KRT Framework Snorkel delete

What I’m still sourcing over the next year locally in the Bay Area or other:

-Custom Saddle shop
-3D Metal Printer (I have a plan to re-use the OEM buttons)
-5 axis CNC shop that will do custom 1 offs at a reasonable price.
-Painter… on 2nd thought, DIY might be epic.. I think we are going to have some fun with this.
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