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There is no competition to Ninet.

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Ducati Scrambler, Triumph Thruxton, Indian FTR, Moto Guzzi V7/V9 etc.

All of them are just below Ninet.

Ninet = 1200cc /110HP (euro4), 17L Steel Tank provides good range (18L? aluminum), wired throttel (euro4)*, dry clutch (clean oil for motor and not mixing with gearbox etc), cardan/bevel transmision (not dirty chain), 180mm rear tire, alloy rims or tubeless spoke rims (UGS even new Roadster euro5?), 320mm brake discs, Brembo brake-calipers, self supporting trellis chassis. Single swingarm (Beautiful wheel view)...etc

There is no bike with all of this on the whole.

Then Ninet is not only a beautiful bike. It´s enough fun, enough easy, enough comfortable. It is a well balanced bike. You can use for commuting, for travelling or what ever you want.

The only real limit is pillion. But others kind of classics bikes have the same problem.

*New electronic throttel euro5 Ninet I recognized don´t like. I think Ninet lost a bit of his essence and soul but in the end I will choose Ninet again because others bike have already electronic throttel too.
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Objectively, the NineT is a good bike. A great bike? Hmmm.
It’s not terribly fast. It isn’t the cleanest design. The suspension is marginal. Fuel range just okay. Instrumentation is archaic. Ergonomics are a bit odd. On and on. And it’s expensive.

But I love mine.

Perhaps it isn’t about “competition” but which bike sings to a particular rider. And isn’t it a fantastic that there are so many choice.
I am not Marc Marquez. I need a bike for real life not for racetrack. No "plastics" everywhere. Suspension idem to racetrack. Fuel range for me it is enough. I am not riding Paris-Dakar...Usually Gas stations are everywhere. Instrumentation for me is perfect. I don´t need lots of data neither beautiful colors. Ergonomics? I know lots of people that riding a RT or GS needs to upgrade windscreen, seat or handlebar raisers etc etc. Expensive??? I think it is very subjective. For me Norton Commando 961 is an expensive bike.

Of course I am refering to "classics bikes". I don´t mean it is the best bike in the world, I mean that among classic bikes it is the best. Compares Ninet with Trail or Touring Bikes doesn´t make sense.
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The Griso is a hot-looking bike and has plenty of character — I owned one, past tense. But not nearly as spirited as the nineT, not as quick or as agile. I do wish my new 9T would engage first gear with a nice solid clunk, but otherwise I’m hard-pressed to imagine a better bike being made currently.

That said, I’m not sure it bests the Ducati Monster S4RS, which I also have — still — and is arguably a lot more fun with a similar, slightly racier vibe. I’ve never had a problem with chains.
What about belt timing? Commuting rainy days?. Ergonomics? I had also a Monster and It was very fun bike but thats all...Not as well balanced as Ninet. Slowly riding in city much more uncomfortable than Ninet. If you were only able to have one single bike, what bike did you choose???
My Favourite was S2R 1000 desmodue. Liquid cool is "not my cup of tea".
I used to feel the same way, for aesthetic reasons, and my brother has a sweet S2R 800 (I also have a 1999 M900), but I’ve grown to love the look of those big, ugly radiators and the bike feels so much more powerful than even the Monster 1200. I can’t think of any drawbacks other than you don’t like the looks. The motor is a true monster.

But don’t get me wrong, I am crazy for the R nineT. I like that it’s more industrial, maybe a bit more masculine. I like that it’s easier to ride, less finicky, and I’ve become addicted to the boxer sound — that took a while for me, hence I sold my first 9T and came back later. Also the new paint schemes helped for me, but YMMV, and the fit & finish is top.

I’ll repeat that I don’t think anyone else builds a bike as good in this category today. The new Monsters have zero character, the Triumphs are far off for many reasons, the Guzzi V7 is perhaps headed in the right direction but cheap. The BMW is class.
Yes. I understand you and I agree with you. I think older bikes were great. Antipolution euro rules more and more restricted are killing bikes. I wish my Ninet were euro0 (not 4)...

Expecting to ride again. I am missing it since pandemia starts.

Best regards.
Ohh!!! I forgot one. Not only dry clutch. Also hidraulic action (I mean not wired).
I love the enthusiasm, @Lelc2 !! And after seven months of ownership and about 4,000 miles on my 2020 Pure, I'd mostly agree with you. I checked out many new and used motorcycles before buying my R9T, and test rode several. I almost went with one or two other bikes, but loved the character of the R9T, and the looks of my Pure in particular. That being said, it's not perfect but I'm starting to love it. I rode through some rain today on my way home and got soaked. I'm hoping not to catch a cold, but even after being miserable for the last 30 minutes coming home, I can't wait to get out on my Beemer again!

As for competition, folks above have already offered alternatives, and I'd have to agree with them. Several manufacturers make models which are at least similar to the R9T, if not direct competitors. Triumph and Ducati are probably the closest. But there are pros and cons to each bike in this segment. Looking at the whole package, however, I'd rather have my BMW than any of the competing bikes in its class. :)
Yes!!!. This is what I want to mean. Of course Bikes are subjectiv. There is no "only true". Each one of us have differents likes/dislikes/obssesions or needs.

For this reason I began to mention only "Objectiv" things. I always try not to discuss about "subjectiv" things. Because it doesn´t make sense. For me tubeless Spoke rims or low maintenance services/less risk of failure (no liquid cool, no electro-fans, not much electronic devices/ no belt timing etc etc), Wide rear tire 180mm, Big brake disc, self-supporting engine, tubular/trellis chassis etc etc. All of these things for me are advantages...even dry clutch. Engine oil with clutch stuff mixing also with gearbox...Ohh!!! What a mess!!!. It´s not my cup of tea.

Among "Classic" bikes it´s a real multiporpose bike. Not only a "beautiful" one. Probably young people only see a "beautiful and fashion" bike, otherwise "elder" people we see and appreciate more than this.

Best regards.
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Best thing of this bike is that it isn´t necessary ride fast to enjoy...Since you switch on key and revs a bit. It is orgasmic!!!. Others bike even faster are much more boring...You can have some Bikes, but Ninet will be conserved forever. Nowadays there is nothing similar (neither will be in future).
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I only Like Bi-Cylinders. 4 in Line it's not my cup of tea.

It's a pity Suzuki don't take his 1000cc V By-cilinder engine (Vstrom) to create a big Naked (neo-classic).
Also it is a pity Honda don't resurrect his old CX500 engine. It would be similar concept yo Bmw. Bi-cylinder, shaft Drive etc
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