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There is no competition to Ninet.

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Ducati Scrambler, Triumph Thruxton, Indian FTR, Moto Guzzi V7/V9 etc.

All of them are just below Ninet.

Ninet = 1200cc /110HP (euro4), 17L Steel Tank provides good range (18L? aluminum), wired throttel (euro4)*, dry clutch (clean oil for motor and not mixing with gearbox etc), cardan/bevel transmision (not dirty chain), 180mm rear tire, alloy rims or tubeless spoke rims (UGS even new Roadster euro5?), 320mm brake discs, Brembo brake-calipers, self supporting trellis chassis. Single swingarm (Beautiful wheel view)...etc

There is no bike with all of this on the whole.

Then Ninet is not only a beautiful bike. It´s enough fun, enough easy, enough comfortable. It is a well balanced bike. You can use for commuting, for travelling or what ever you want.

The only real limit is pillion. But others kind of classics bikes have the same problem.

*New electronic throttel euro5 Ninet I recognized don´t like. I think Ninet lost a bit of his essence and soul but in the end I will choose Ninet again because others bike have already electronic throttel too.
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I have always compared motorcycles to women in that regard, justification of what or who you are attracted to can never be achieved in pragmatic terms.
... is she expensive ? Some would say yes ... I however got exactly what I paid for. No regrets at all.
‘nuf said there...
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In 2016 I had a slightly modified Zx1400R with just over 200 horsepower at the rear wheel and rode briefly on the street after running 196 mph at Bonneville.
I just found I happier being able to use most of my horsepower all the time more fun than only being able to use small amount of my big horsepower hardly any of the time.
Respect, 196mph on a bike is not shabby at all. That’s certainly a pace where you’re not a distracted driver anymore;-)
“Speed has never killed anyone. It’s the sudden stop that gives you a headache”
Jeremy Clarkson
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