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My mate who's been into ADV riding for 2 years now took me along to show me how it's done...
First time for me on sand and the UGS is not that bad at all, a few more mods (do I hear the wife crying?) and it should be
ok-ish. Although, after digging and dragging all day.....I do understand now why ppl say to get a LIGHT bike for that sorta stuff...;)

The first time I dropped a Bike in 15 years or so..... only took 10 min on sand and voila!

Now, with experience comes knowledge... While I never really knew how to get my bike to stand once we stopped, my mate just called out a smoko break every now and then when he felt like it.....--'Ui, lets stop, did you see tha goanna over there?- Quick, park our bike!'

Now, wouldn't be Straya without a burnt out car...

The Beach.... Now, I do have to apologise but after making it to the beach, we were busy digging and swearing... so that is the only shot of the beach we have, I am afraid.


Yeah, we had a gppd time.

That was the last moment with smiles , if I rememeber correctly ...hahaha

Here is a before shot in our driveway, I will try and make 'Fat Berta' look like that again tomorrow...Sorry for the GS in the pic ;)

btw, today I thought that the suspension was pretty ok for sand driving....I like the low height , makes it so much easier . (And the lower you are, the shorter the fall....) - On the grravel track leading to the beach I did bottom out the fork a few times though... I think before I will pull the trigger on a raised suspension, I will
need some more time offroad and actually using the bike the way it was meant to be used (having a coffee staring at it) to make up my mind. Maybe just better fork springs?

Hope you like a pic or two, Sash

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My mate who's been into ADV riding for 2 years now took me along to show me how it's done...
Sash, that was great, I can almost taste the grit between my teeth mate. What a day you had. I’ll bet Fat Berta was grunting and groaning. The Picts are awesome. Be sure to wash Berta from head to toe, that sand has teeth and that girls to young for bite marks. It looks like you might need to re-enforce that front fender to accommodate a power winch. What a way to spend your day at the beach. Thanks for sharing you first moto dune-buggy event.
StayUpOn2 Patrolus, ...even if one wheel is buried ..... Crunchy Regards Blitz
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