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Maybe it doesn't quite rise to the level of a "build," but I finally found time to add on the mods/accessories I've gathered for my 40 Years G/S:

—DK Designs version of Koso DL-04 gauge
—Unit Garage rear rack
—Unit Garage crash bars
—GS skid plate
—BMW car horn (much louder, but fits (albeit barely) in same spot as stock horn)
—DIN outlet (replaced USB outlet)
—Hex EZCan (mainly to enable control/features of lights without additional switchgear)
—Denali D2 auxiliary lights
—Zumo XT mounted and wired to nav plug
—Front and rear camera dvr system w/ GPS marking
—BMW tank bag
—Grip Puppies

I need some yellow zip ties (on the way), but I think I’m largely done . . . for now!
Tire Wheel Sky Fuel tank Vehicle

Wheel Tire Sky Plant Vehicle
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Looks great! I love those 719 head covers with that color scheme.
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I too switched to the bmw car horn. Db is about the same but richer tone.
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That is a really interesting mod by switching the horn with a car horn. Is there a thread on doing this installation?
Is there a thread on doing this installation?
Info should all be available here: Stock HORN Upgrade... :)
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