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Did a little test run with a used Werkes newly installed on my 2017 Pure today... stock headers, BMW's exhaust valve untouched, and the Werkes DB killer installed. Here are my first impressions:

Ordered the Werkes to improve the look. Enjoying nice view of the wheel from the side, right from the back the original "Schultüte" does have more of a presence. But it is just too big and does not have the right color. The evolving burn of the stainless muffler matches the headers perfectly now.

I didn't need a louder pipe, so I didn't even bother to start the bike up without the DB killer. With the latter installed, the Werkes definitely is still ouder than the OEM. Leaving the basement garage through a narrow passage, it felt the air was buffering on top of the noise. On the road the new pipe sounded less smooth, for lag of a better word. But since it is not obnoxious, I am willing to compromise here... have I mentioned I love the looks?

This was a big surprise! With the original muffler the Pure's engine breaking was hefty and acceleration in 5th or 6th gear out of low RPMs sluggish. You get used to the former and avoid the latter, but with the Werkes engine breaking is soooo minimal! Now I have to use the actual breaks to slow down for a red light. Pulling the bike out of low RPMs in higher gears is now no issue at all... the Pure just goes!

Did the Werkes turn your R9T into a different beast as well?

181 - 184 of 184 Posts
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