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/5 seat on my 2020 classic. BMW happily got got me one.
This looks FANTASTIC!!!
What a difference! Did a 2 and a half hour ride - through the bad roads of San Francisco, highway and some twisties - and no more soreness. Also at highway speeds I've felt the suspension hard at at bumps like the ones you get sometimes when going over a bridge. This added just the right softness to make those smoother. I'm very happy with this one. Gets my recommendation.
How much did the seat run you? ive put Gel inserts in the stock 2015 seat and its still pretty brutal for me and the passenger on the longer (re: over 30 minute) rides.
Called my local BMW dealer and they seem to be having issues finding it. do you also have a part number by chance?

1 - 2 of 97 Posts