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What are your plans for luggage?

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I realize that some of you may think that a luggage rack and hard cases will spoil the looks of the nineT, but practicality dictates that I have some kind of cargo capacity.

I'm wondering what options other forum members are considering.

The bolt-on aspect of the nineT's rear section leads me to think that I will be able to fabricate some kind of luggage rack/pannier carrier on my own if no aftermarket solutions present themselves. I would drop the passenger seat when it's time for a trip and bolt on the rack and cases, then switch back to the stock arrangement after the journey (at which point I could also go back to using the rear soft bag for rainsuit, toolkit, etc.

However, I am not familiar with the many pannier options that I am sure are out there. On my old R80, I simply went with the BMW cases until they cracked and latches fell off, then I replaced them with Krauser cases (which looked alright, but really weren't as solid). In short, I'm pretty clueless regarding what's available.

So, I am interested in your thoughts. And if anybody is handy at Photoshop, I'd be interested in seeing what some possibilities might look like on the nineT.
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that's easy to say when you also have a R1200GSA and a '68 R60/2 mit sidecar ;)

but I will only have one bike to do it all, and when I get too far away from it all for several days, and I'm lugging tent/stove/food/sleeping bag/etc, a tank bag and a duffle isn't going to be enough :(
NineT with a side car = win, I wonder who will be the first do it hmmm
the seat color and luggage insignia are too funny.... love it
Time to start a group buy testing waters on getting saddle bags made to be just like that...... kidding :D
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