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Mighty crafty!!! Will we be seeing your kiosk at various urban hip farm markets ? You can sell as organic, sustainable, free trade, biodegradable, locally sourced, ethically scavenged ,hand hewned, "Tree-gan" motorcycle parts and tools. 😁.
I'd buy one!

Damn! @Chris. beat me to it!

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Just installed a Blueskysea B1M Dashcam. This is the second one I have (also on my 2018 r1200gsa Rallye) and it's an easy install. The cameras are stuck with the 3M that comes with them but the surfaces on the bike are all slightly curved so I've also zip tied them for now.

I've got a 3d printer so I think I'll make some brackets to mount them better. The dvr unit is under the rear part of the seat and just squeezes in.

When I first stated it up I got only one red light on the dvr (a common error that is in the manual) and nothing else so I did a firmware update which fixed it. Something to do if anyone else has this problem after buying one.

The one on my r 1200 GSA has been working for nearly three years so I'm happy with them
just found your dashcam pictures while searching.
Can you tell me or send me pictures where the control unit of the cameras are connected. Ground, 12 V continuous current and or 12 V after "ignition on".
Thank you and greetings from Berlin Germany

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I spent some time tinkering in the garage a couple of days ago, with mixed results.

1: Failed attempting to install caps on the intake set screws. When I bought my UGS (used), I took it to the dealer for oil change, brake line flush, and new tires. I also asked them to give the bike a thorough look and they found that the intake set screws were missing lock nuts and caps on both sides. They installed the nuts and ordered the caps. I thought they would just snap on, but I could not get them to stay on. I wonder if other people have caps on their set screws? The picture is of the left side, looking at the intake from above the jug.

2: Installed a Puig touring windshield. Despite what the Puig site says, it is not compatible with standard UGS because of the headlight fairing. So I removed the fairing first (easy), then installed the windshield. That worked pretty well, after a few placement adjustments. Then I removed the fairing bracket which required temporarily removing the front fender. I don't think it looks as cool without the fairing, but now I have no wind on my chest or face, and for the first time on this bike I did not come home with my helmet completely beschmeared with dead bugs (though I do get a bit more wind noise, though — downside to a modular helmet). What would be better is to trim down the top of the fairing so they could fit together, but I lack that skill.

3: Failed attempting to adjust the rear spring tension. The bike came with no hook wrench, so I bought one. Now I've learned that two hook wrenches are required, so I will have to order another.

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Hi, these are actually KD pegs.
I called KD and they are saying it will not fit on 2021 scrambler.. bummer
Hi, I would call KD again and ask for technical to establish why their pegs won't fit. It may be something easily overcome?
There are other options that may look better on a scrambler such as SW motech, but they lower the pegs less so maybe not of interest?

they are actually going to offer me to try but upon looking and searching, they found out that there is one on their system that got returned. "not fit on my scrambler"
she told me as well that no plans on their department about making these anymore. probably they will if a lot of folks going to ask and im number 1 on their list lol

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Relocated the rear signal lights, so when I transform the bike to “travel mode” or back to “sports mode” I don’t have to relocate them each time to make room for the Unit Garage panniers.

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The bracket is 3D printed and still a prototype, will be finetuning one later when I know how this one holds up.

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And here are the previous “unsuccesfull” prototypes:

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