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I switched out the tail rack on the Scrambler today. Off with the unit garage tail rack and one with the hepco and becker.
The unit garage Has four bolts that connect under the seat, where the hepco and becker utilizes the same side plate bolt that the pannier hangers use. It is not as clean as the unit garage in my opinion but It extends the rack another two or 3 inches, giving more cargo capacity. We actually swapped the unit garage out onto a 2014 classic. Top is h&b
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This is unit garage.
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Threw on the rebuilt Chi-com steering damper (I re-machined new internals from 6061 and used ELF 2.5w oil)
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The blue 🤤

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(not my chili pepper [Cayenne] in the background. Yes, I still need to zip tie the tach cable.)

Also threw in the BM642 (2021+) and increased preload on the forks. Hooooooooooooooly what the even how. I need to stop riding by instinct and instead ride by speedometer. It is too good. Firmer than stock but it handles literally anything. Even a torn down road with 4" height difference between lanes and shoddy construction grooves that resemble a long 'S' every few feet. Also, first fuel-up when reserve came on. Only got ~130 miles on the tank and avg 39mpg consumption per tacho. It does not like being ridden economically. I blame the karoos. They smooth out once you go past the black letters on white signs :rolleyes:

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The stock preload knob fits the Ohlins shock perfectly if you just flip it and fasten it on backwards. One day maybe I will either machine it down, or get a rotary broach and make a fancy aluminum one.

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After a good battle and some laugh from the wife in the last 48hrs. I figured, i will do it while on wheel chock this time to do the trick positioning etc. Finally!
This is SW-Motech brand by the way. Im impressed how high the rear wheel and it will go high a little bit more without the wheel chock in front.
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Update without the front wheel chock
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