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Got the quickshift sensor installed and repositioned the linkage arm on the transmission.
Tested at a standstill with clutch held in, got no go.
Forgot I had put up the sidestand so it wouldnt die when I touched the shifter.
Dropped my 44-day old bike. Scratched the left cylinder valve cover about 1" long.
Ordered a new valve cover from the EU for 50% of MSRP to hide my shame.
Panicked that the part number might be for a Euro4.
Cross-referenced everything. Good to go. Still cheaper to replace up to 2.5x than buy cylinder guards or crash bars.

Redid the wiring harness for the quickshifter because the polarity was reversed at all my terminations.
Got that working.
Went for a ride because I was upset at myself for letting it touch pavement.

Took some photos with it (but the side without the scratch). My mobile phone camera has a really decent OIS. 1/4 second exposure @ 100 ISO. Blew my mind. Wish it had aperture control. But I would then say I wish it had internal ND filters so I could have a shallow DOF with long exposure. Oh well, it's still neat.

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2221 - 2240 of 3031 Posts