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What Euro classification 2016 R9T

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Hi all. Just about to pull the trigger on some Akrapovic headers for my 2016 R9T sport. Would this be a euro 3? The headers I’ve seen are only for the euro 4…..

Anyone help? Cheers.
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It tells you on your Vehicle Log Book (V5C)
just checked and its blank where it should say.


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First registration in June ‘16 means it’s a Euro3, first gen. But afaik the headers for the gen2 (2017-2020) did not change, so they should fit. Gen3, (2021 onward), different story, that’s when some changes occurred. Doesn’t hurt to ask that specific question to the seller though. Or measure.

But then, you guys in the UK are the only ones in the world with a so-called “sport” variant, plus y’all decided to Brexit, so who knows what those nasty Germans have delivered to your island. First thing obviously, they decided to not even tell you anymore😂

Why would you now have a EURO ranking anyway? No EU, no Euro 3/4/5!
Just kidding.

(Now, didn’t you miss all of us in this forum?)
😂😂😂😂 brilliant reply!! Thanks.
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