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Definitely need a pic of the trumpet when you do strap it to the nine T Tim
As requested, here is a photo of my trumpet strapped down to the back of my R9T Pure, using a pair of ROK Straps.

I finally had the occasion today to carry my trumpet on my R9T Pure again. I had an early afternoon outdoor gig with the wedding band I'm in where I could play in casual clothes, and really only needed the horn and a couple accessories I carry in a backpack. The weather was gorgeous so I took the bike.

This Protec single-trumpet case has a wooden shell, a bit of padding on the sides, and the whole thing is covered with a nylon cordura type material. There is an accessory pocket but it's mostly empty right now, as I rarely use this particular case anymore. But I've owned and regularly used this case for many years, including during motorcycle rides to gigs around Ohio, western PA, and even Lexington, KY.
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21 - 22 of 22 Posts