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Who carries tools when they ride?

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I've never left home without some sort of tools either in my car, or my bike. I have several small tool kits I've put together for various bikes, usually in small bags I keep in the luggage or under seat.

I have also made special repair kits that my wife or a buddy can grab and run, for example, if I get caught with a flat, or a dead battery. These have proven super helpful for when I call and tell say " just grab the small red tool bag and meet me at ( insert stranded location here) ".

Anyone else feel this compulsion?
Anyone else have cool/smart tool habits?

The reason I'm asking is since there's no bags yet for the r9t, it's going to force me to figure something out.... Can't ride without tools.
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There is one other thing no one's mentioned yet, I always try to have my sky-hook packed and at-the-ready when I'm touring Australia & Tassie's vast outback. Coupled with my epirb, it guarantees me a pickup from any Gorge I might have dropped into. Mine is extra H/D, I can bring the bike along. Well, either the bike or my pillion.

Top Secret Weapons Revealed: Sky Hook : Military Channel

It's available for civil applications now.
I just watched it as well. I can't believe they don't use it often now. Well I dont know for sure but it is a useful "tool" just not on a wide scale. transporting bikes is way easier now :D

In terms of tools to carry while riding.

A couple of small wrenches, tires patches, a couple zipties, and a tire pressure gauge is all I need.

What do you guys have?
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