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Who carries tools when they ride?

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I've never left home without some sort of tools either in my car, or my bike. I have several small tool kits I've put together for various bikes, usually in small bags I keep in the luggage or under seat.

I have also made special repair kits that my wife or a buddy can grab and run, for example, if I get caught with a flat, or a dead battery. These have proven super helpful for when I call and tell say " just grab the small red tool bag and meet me at ( insert stranded location here) ".

Anyone else feel this compulsion?
Anyone else have cool/smart tool habits?

The reason I'm asking is since there's no bags yet for the r9t, it's going to force me to figure something out.... Can't ride without tools.
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It's funny, no one in my office carries tools or knows how to use them.

Of course they are all younger than me. I'm pretty positive if a mechanic came out with a dirty piston and said " this spark plug is bad " they wouldn't know the difference. In a certain sense it's no fault of their own, we were lucky enough to learn to wrench on stuff when it was simpler. And for that I am very grateful.

But the joy of being able to fix/ mod / farkle your own ride is awesome.

Anyway, I've been looking at fork bags online....
MotoCentric Cruiser Tool Bag - Chaparral Motorsports

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There is a tiny space behind the standard seat it looks like from the Picts of the r9t, which might occomodate a really small pelican case ( ugly as sin ) or something similar. Maybe a tiny bag can be mounted there. Enough for an iPad and crap for work....
Since I live in Los Angeles... Yeah. That's a wrench to me 9t33.
Dunno. Good question. Where would it be stored on that bike? Doesn't look like there's any room for it anywhere to me.
Just watched that link. How awesome! Thanks huntsman, that was pretty cool.
That flat panel in the cowl comes out to reveal an hollow space inside. It might be enough for a small tool roll.
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