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Who carries tools when they ride?

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I've never left home without some sort of tools either in my car, or my bike. I have several small tool kits I've put together for various bikes, usually in small bags I keep in the luggage or under seat.

I have also made special repair kits that my wife or a buddy can grab and run, for example, if I get caught with a flat, or a dead battery. These have proven super helpful for when I call and tell say " just grab the small red tool bag and meet me at ( insert stranded location here) ".

Anyone else feel this compulsion?
Anyone else have cool/smart tool habits?

The reason I'm asking is since there's no bags yet for the r9t, it's going to force me to figure something out.... Can't ride without tools.
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I like tools.

If the fasteners are anything like the R1200R, which I'd assume they will be, not much is needed for basic roadside repair. A couple of BMW small double ended wrenches that probably will come with the bike in 8mm, 10mm, 12 and 13 to start.

Then you need a front axle nut reverse socket to get the wheel off, 22mm like this.
BMW Front Axle Removal Tool

I also carry a Gerber Freehand multi tool similar to a Leatherman, but better IMO.
Then a set of these Motion Pro Star-Pro Pivot Head Torx Wrench Set for 90% of the fasteners, including removing the rear wheel. Very strong, compact and lightweight set.

A Valve Stem Fishing Tool is very handy for tube repairs. Along with a Enduro Star Trail Stand and a
for the tubes is also needed to complete the roadside tube changing kit.

A Slime Top Up mini compressor does the trick for me to inflate tires, I replaced the cigarette lighter plug with a SAE plug and also added another SAE plug set closer to the unit, effectively giving me a jumper cable if need be without adding much bulk.

Carrying a small tube of
can be a lifesaver too if you punch a hole in your valve cover or engine block.

A few feet of e-tape and a foot of Gaffers tape wrapped around the wrenches saves space and can come in handy too.

Not sure what my plan is for storage, I have a large variety of soft panniers and bags for dirt bikes and will come up with something, or someone will make a 9T specific option for bags. I think a small black fender bag for tubes might work though.

I wonder if this rear cover could be cut out so tools could go in there?...
How cool would that be....

That's about all I carry, everything I need to fix what can be fixed without new parts, nothing I don't. If this new 9T is anywhere as reliable as my R1200R is, the only thing I'll need to do is change a tube or patch a hole in the valve cover, maybe tighten up a mirror now and then. :D

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That flat panel in the cowl comes out to reveal an hollow space inside. It might be enough for a small tool roll.
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