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Why new isn’t always better!

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It’s been a while since posting but thought I would share.
Bought my RNineT is 2015 and have covered 22k miles so far. It’s still in my possession.
Just taken delivery of a 2023 RNineT and just turned the key not a few hours ago. Immediately didn’t like the feel of the new throttle and the sound is just terrible. Bike feels very sanitised compared to my old trusty.
Took a short spin and is nowhere near as engaging or agricultural as the older bike which was a lot of the charm.
It’s not that my old bike has suffered or deteriorated over the years as it felt this way from new and the bike is still standard

Now what to do. Double down and get an exhaust (easier said than down in the new Euro 5 bikes apparently) or live with it and see what happens? I already know how much less of a bike it feels than the older one so I don’t think it will get better without some serious intervention. And the lack of feel through the throttle! What’s that all about
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Disconnect the cables from the exhaust flap, and try Dynamic mode.

After that, just ride it - throttle by wire will always feel slightly different to a cable throttle, if only because the weight is different because there's no cable to pull. If you still don't like it after you've given it a fair chance, then you have your answer! Both have their advantages, I have owned both and personally prefer the Euro5 (feels similar to how my Euro3 did with a quick throttle cam IMO).
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