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2015 R nineT pure k21-0A06
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I think it comes down to distributors charging what they think the local market will pay. Years ago I needed 3 fuel injectors for a 300zx turbo. From memory they were around $150 each at the local Nissan stealer. I got them from a dealer in the States for under $30 a pop.
The biggest problems that I've encountered recently when trying to save a buck by buying from o/s is that manufacturers prevent their goods from being exported to Australia from overseas stockists to protect their local retailers/distributor networks. I've even experienced this 'refusal to ship' where an Australian retailer doesn't have or can't get the specific item I want.
The other thing is the ludicrous shipping charges imposed by Fleabay. I'm currently restoring an old BSA and often come across examples like this (tacho drive gasket).
AU $1.52 Buy It Now +AU $30.67 postage from United States.
I think its fair to say that at times we get bent over backwards and well and truly reamed.
@Sundodger last year you managed to get 61 31 8 546 167 COMBINATION SWITCH LEFT, any lead- from here i can get? thanks
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